Idle Noise on Wed 10/30/13

Background: Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House
CPSHO: Lou Reed: I'm So Free: Transformer

Artist Title Album Label New
Tim Hecker Incense at Abu Ghraib Virgins Kranky
Tigrala song 5
Solar Motel Band Solar Motel Part II Solar Motel Paradise of Bachelors
Lou Reed I'm So Free Transformer
The Blind Shake Monofactory Key to a False Door Castleface
Thee Oh Sees I Come From the Mountain Floating Coffin
Parquet Courts You've Got me Wonderin' Now Tally All the Things that you Broke
Ultrabunny Your War Volume Merchants / Unsafe at Any Age
Night Beats Sonic Bloom Sonic Bloom
Fuzz What's in my Head FUZZ In the Red
Destruction Unit Slow Death Sounds Deep Trip Sacred Bones
3-d invisables Plan 9 From Outer Space
Slaughterhouse 5 Kill the Dead
YDi Haunted House
Serial Killers Love Letter to Jamie Lee Curtis
Lou Reed Halloween Parade
The Crepshow Halloween (Misfits)
Reverend Horton Heat Halloween Dance
Voluptoulous Horror of Karen Black I Believe in Halloween
Los Straightjackets Munsters Theme
Meteors Little Red Riding Hood
Damned Nasty
Goblin Suspira (Narration)
Nekromantix Gargoyles Over Coppenhagen
45 Grave Evil
Rokey Erickson I walked with a Zombies

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Noisy pop tunes, mellow to firm, according to age, middle-aged or semicurado rich and creamy, some bordering avant garde, with a proliferation of tiny holes, old school punk, intensely nutty with full aroma to sharp, salty, buttery and fruity.
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