That's Not My Name on Wed 10/30/13

Artist Title Album New
múm Blow Your Nose Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know
Bon Iver Creature Fear For Emma, Forever Ago
Radiator Hospital Lose Sight of You Something Wild
Alex G Candy RULES
The National Secret Meeting Alligator
Into It. Over It. Your Antique Organ Intersections
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start Rachel Strayer Girls Names EP
Watercolor Paintings Charmed Open Your Mouth
Kimya Dawson Tire Swing Remember That I Love You
Best Coast This Lonely Morning Fade Away
Haim Don't Save Me Days Are Gone
Kate Nash Fri-End Fri-end? (Remixes)
La Luz Sure As Spring It's Alive
Gringo Star Find A Love Floating Out To See
Joan of Arc I Was Born A Portable Model of Joan of Arc
Tim Kinsella Fondu or Don't Crucifix Swastika
Pirouette Please Say You Won't Forget Me A Bunch of Sht That Noone Will Ever Hear
Wedding Dress Up For Adoption Simple Chords
Mates of State Sway Mountaintops
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Schnitzel Boogie Mature Themes
Slow Warm Death Blood #2 Slow Warm Demos
Algernon Cadwallader Look Down Live @ WKDU
It's A King Thing Mush Mouth Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
Football, etc. Fair Audible
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead Time and Again Lost Songs
Bomb the Music Industry! Stand There Until You're Sober To Leave or Die in Long Island
The Low Budgets No Money Shot Aim Low, Get High
Their / They're / There Concession Speech Writer Their / They're / There
The Danger O's Mum's the Word Nineteen Ninety Four
Lemuria Irregular Pebble
Spraynard Intents and Purposes (Three Words) Exton Square
dividedividedivide Twenty 7 Denominator
Swearin' Movie Star Swearin'
Toasted Plastic Just For Show Ares Vallis
Screaming Females Starving Dog Live @ WKDU
Fucked Up The Other Shoe David Comes To Life

That's Not My Name

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crank up the heat and turn up the jamz. i'm serving up an frothy mixture of pop-punk, indie rock, and some noodly stuff. cool beans.