Eric Goes To College on Wed 11/6/13

Artist Title Album New
Kite Party We Won't Survive Baseball Season
Diane Coffee Tale Of a Dead Dog My Friend Fish
Dismemberment Plan Mexico City Christmas Uncanney Valley
Dresses Blew My Mind Shy Shy
Piebald Fear And Loathing on Cape Cod Volume III
By Surprise Criteria Criteria
The Menzingers The Shakes Bouncing Souls Split
Bouncing Souls Burn After Writing Menzingers Split
The Submarines Shoelaces The Shoelaces
The Mountain Goats Harlem Roulette Transcendental Youth
The Dodos Black Night No Color
Wilco I am Trying To Break Your Heart Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Swearin' Loretta's Flowers Surfing Strange
Saintseneca Blood Drawing Last
Saintseneca Cold Water History Last
The Sidekicks 1940's Fighter Jet Awkward Breeds
The Sidekicks Diamond Eyes Awkward Breeds
Los Campesinos! What Death Leaves Behind No Blues
The Weaks Nietzsche
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Sink/Let It Sway Let It Sway
Dillinger Four Doublewhiskeycokenoice Midwestern Songs
The Lawrence Arms Like A Record Player Oh! Calcutta!
The Flatliners He Was a Jazzman Cavalcade
Restorations D LP2
Captain We're Sinking Montreal Montreal
Hop Along Sister Cities Sister Cities
Diarrhea Planet Ugliest Son I'm Rick Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Eric Goes To College

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Eric Goes To College is the perfect combination of punk rock, indie rock, with some surprises inbetween. Like Chex Mix