Superiority Complex on Tue 11/19/13

Artist Title Album New
Seige Drop Dead
Die Kreuzen Think For Me
Indigesti Polvere Fastidiosa
Impact Non Pui Gudicare
Negazione Tutti Pazzi
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers R.M.
Fallout Reagan Hysteria
Tampax UFO Dictator
YDI Why Die?
John Brenzery Group Vice Versus
Rudimentary Peni Sacrifice
Bad Side Everybody Wants Something From Me
Violent Children Split Scene
Upright Citizens Cyclones
Violent Apathy Bought and Sold
GBH Generals
Battallion of Saints No More Lies
Anti-System Animal Welfare
Vicious Circle Trapped
Insane El Salvador
Red Dons Auslander
Lost Sounds Throw Away
R Steve Moore Oh Pat
Ex Friends West Chester Nuclear Winter
Redd Kross Linda Blair
Red Alert We've Got The Power
Tales of Terror Skate or Bate
Youth Brigade Did You Wanna Die
Skeptix So the Youth
Plague Dogs Into the Fire
Reagan Youth Jesus was the communist
Deep Wound I Saw It
Spermbirds Bloodstains
Totalitar Multinationella
Odd Man Out Trial By Fire
Blacklisted Houdini's Blues
Electro Hippies Am I punk Yet
The Fearless Iranians Die for Allah
Lewd Kill Yourself
Existenz Schizophrenia
No Trend Teen Love

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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