everything i own is broken or bent on Thu 9/24/09

Artist Title Album New
Pissed Jeans spent King of Jeans
cheater slicks destroy you don't like you
Vivian Girls i have no fun Everything Goes Wrong
ovo case bruciate croce via
Little Claw human taste Human Taste
Eddy Current Suppression Ring having a hard time Eddy Current Suppression Ring
the bugs the humans, they wanna stick it to ya barbaric, mystical, bored
swiz black no punches pulled
Sunny Day Real Estate in circles Diary (2009 Reissue)
jawbox chicago piano for your own special sweetheart
Boogie Boarder bio hassle Pizza Hero
Population Control additional notes S/t
Get Laid dear new york S/t
giant's chair 1000 of anything purity and control
Inbred, The middle class refugees Legacy Of Fertility
The Clean asleep in the tunnel Mr. Pop
Pinhead Gunpowder life during wartime Kick Over The Traces
lungfish ann the word artificial horizons
Sunny Day Real Estate iscarabaid LP2 (Reissue)

everything i own is broken or bent

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"everything i own is broken or bent", broadcasting whenever we feelz like it. we aim primarily for contemporary anthems for disagreeable persons. we operate without a plan and we do it under the guise of "free format radio". please tune in.