Superiority Complex covered by Matthew Rotella on Tue 12/17/13

Artist Title Album New
Ex-Friends Punk Rock Wedding Punk Rock Divorce Twisted Around
Mischief Brew Bang-Up Policework Rhapsody For Knives
The Bad Doctors Spit It Out Spit It Out
The So So Glos Blowout Blowout
The Suicide Machines New Girl The Least Worst of the Suicide Machines
Operation Ivy Sound System Opration Ivy
Mustard Plug Go Evildoers Beware!
Shitbox Jimmy Black Eye Alive At Th Door
Red Dons Auslander Auslander
The Briggs Dungeon Walls Leaving the Ways
Mighty Mongo Drunk Clown Lets Make Serious Life Decisons
Ninos Con Bombas Skreamska Skaliente
The Smooths In the Grass Very Own Vegas
KreepS El Hombre Invisible Bell Full of Razor Blades
Dead Boys Sonic Reducer Young Loud and Snotty
Black Flag Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Damaged
X Soul Kitchen Los Angeles
Common Rider Firewall This Is Unity Music
The Aquabats! Dear Spike
The Dead Milkmen How It's Gonna Be Soul Rotation
Looters Fall Alone Looters
Mean Streets Held Down Held Down
Combine Wrists Combine
Waxeater Omar Comin' Baltimore Record
Skaters I Wanna Dance (But I Don't Know How) Deadbolt
Combine Sandworm Combine
Berhane La La La La La La
Dead Kennedy's California Uber Alles Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death
Against All Authority All Fall Down All Fall Down
Pixies Tame Death to the Pixies
Ween It's Gonna Be A Long Night Quebec
The Stooges 1970 Fun House
Thumper Burn Baby Burn No One Left the Disco Alive

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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