Music that Keeps You Up at Night on Wed 1/8/14

Artist Title Album Label New
Rosetta Blue Day For Croatia A Determinism For Morality
Year of No Light Selenite Nord
Isis Not in Rivers, but in Drops In The Absence of Truth
Neurosis At the Well Honor Found In Decay
Pelican Angel Tears Australasia
Windhand Orchard Soma
Sadgiqacea The Spoils of The Harvest Anthrosphere Vol IV
Consciousness Removal Project Colossus III: Deadlock Tacit
Temple Mountain On The Steps Of The Temple
Converge Coral Blue All We Love We Leave Behind
East Of The Wall False Build The Apoligist
Red Fang Dawn Rising Whales and Leeches
Russian Circles Lebaron Memorial
Inter Arma Destroyer Sky Burial
Boris Blackout Pink

Music that Keeps You Up at Night

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Tune in for post-rock, metal, post-metal, and a mix of other genres. Whether it's loud or quiet, this music will keep you up at night... or middle of the day... or whenever the show is on...