Traffic Jamz on Wed 1/15/14

Artist Title Album New
Army Navy Right Back Where We Started From S/t
Night Beats Love Ain't Strange (Everything Else Is) Sonic Bloom
Tawny Peaks Bring Back The Mountain S/t
Kyle Fischer Fallen Chandelier Black Milk
Rainer Maria Feeling Neglected? Look Now Look Again
Braid Urbana's Too Dark Frame & Canvas
The Sky Corvair Astaire Unsafe At Any Speed
American Football The One With The Wurlitzer S/t
Penpal The One That Used To Have A Wurlizter S/t
Marquette Winter Waxing/Waning
Palmkite Trust in Time Travel Palmkite Demo
Crywank An Intimate Message James Is Going To Die Soon
Chicky Chicky Parm Parm Timmy Gave Me A 'G' (Spraynard) Chicky Chicky Pot Pie
Pennines Whisky Tango Foxtrot? Lima Oscar Lima -
Little Kingdoms The Birds Unreleased 2007-2012
New Animals I Don't Think I'll Make It Through Another Still In Mind
Gobble Gobble Lawn Knives Secret 7"
Oregon Bike Trails Swimsuit Swimsuit
Caged Animals Girls on Medication -
Milagres Here To Stay -
Gringo Star Find A Love Floating Out to See
Nurses Fever Dreams Dracula
Hooray For Earth Last Minute True Loves
toy You Won't Be The Same Join The Dots
Memory Tapes Sunhits Player Piano
Ducktails Tie-Dye Wish Hotel
Washed Out Feel It All Around Life of Leisure
James Vincent McMorros Cavalier Post Tropical
Camera Obcura French Navy My Maudlin Career
Best Coast The Only Place The Only Place
Painted Palms Too High Forever

Traffic Jamz

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