Dissociative Identity on Tue 1/21/14

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service folks. It's week 3 here at Drexel and I hope ya dropped any pesky classes. That said, Dissociative Identity will be here to try and repair whatever wounded ego you may have. Stream through WKDU Philadelphia, 91.7 fm or on an old fashioned radio and partake in some The Downtown Club, Bonobo, Mohican, Liars, and even a gang of new tracks from the long anticipated "Don't Vote" from Ted Nguyent. Let me go ahead and repeat what I tend to say every week which is about our internet presence: it's absolute garbage so don't bother following Dissociative Identity Productions, especially through that artifact known as Facebook. What's the difference between a polar vortex and a cold snap anyways? One sounds a whole lot sexier.

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Artist Title Album New
Mohican NAACAL The Abuse is Character
Mike Pays Heat All I'm Good For Mike Pays Heat
Ikffct Jungle Sweet Genuine Bonds
GUNK Ice Cream Gradual Shove
Sparhawks Ice Noise The Cabin
Drgn King Holy Ghost Holy Ghost / Son of Wolfman
Shelf Life Build is All Right Facing the Right Way at the Wrong Time
The Downtown Club Dance Dance
R. Stevie Moore Last Semester Your Moms Was Like ENNUI
Bonobo Cirrus The North Borders
Drowners Long Hair Drowners
Dead Gaze Rowdy Jungle Brain Holiday
Los Campesinos What Death Leaves Behind No Blues
Smoother Tremolo Baby Guys Till We Die
Told Slant Algae Bloom Still Water
Besting Tensions Autumn of My Discontent Live At The Fire
Family Vacation Dew Trails
Au Revoir C# Min In The Key of Night
About A Million 2 baby flies Things We Don't Think About
Ted Nguyent Adonde Vas Don't Vote
Bardo Pond Taste Peace on Venus
Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks The Janitor Revealed Wig Out at Jagbags
Ted Nguyent There Goes My Hero Don't Vote
Sic Bacchus Long March Letters From A Coward
Alex G Amof Paint
The Hundred Acres Whiskey Thieves Cold In The Morning
Mogwai Remurdered Rave Tapes
Mammoth Indigo Guilt Weight Mammoth Indigo
The Chelsea Kills My Girl Pulp Culture
Ted Nguyent The PPA Took My Baby Away Don't Vote
Liars Mess on a Mission Mess
The Tammys Part of Growing Up Egyptian Shumba
George Jones White Lightning Live Recordings From the Louisiana Hayride
Autolux Future Perfect Post-Demonstration EP
Ratatat Cherry Ratatat

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If your high school band was a clone of Cap'n Jazz and the only movie soundtrack you own is Friday Night Lights, Dissociative Identity is for you. Tune in for all that is math, lo-fi, garage, indie rock, and post-hardcore, with Dissociative Identity on WKDU Philadelphia, 91.7 fm.
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