Rhyme Enforcer 235 on Mon 2/17/14

Artist Title Album Label New
Shields DANGX2
haikus 3 coats shapes
gogreengo Zeus The EP
Height With Friends High Power Versus Electric Rockers
Dan Friel Landslide Total Folklore
OCDJ Guess What
RUN DMT Starlight (Kodak To Graph Remix)
TR01010 Titanium Walls Mystery Tribes
The Fabulous Faux Furs Open Marriage (Pt. 1)
Rasputin's Secret Police Don't Forget to High Five Me, Man
Pontiak Surrounded By Diamonds Innocence
Dum Dum Girls Rimbaud Eyes Too True
MONEY$HOT Hot Staxx Bong
Suhnraw AwMayne Beat Addict.
Material Cucumber Slumber (Fluxus Mix)
3rd Bass Wordz of Wisdom
The Last Poets Get Movin'
Bombino Aman Nomad
Cex Free World Dannibal
Kongar ol Ordar Kargyraa Rap (Durgen Chugaa)
Bill Laswell Worksong
Flume Feat. MOP Hyperparadise Flume Mixtape
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Freedom
Fela Kuti Cross Examination

Rhyme Enforcer 235

  • Monday 8-10pm
  • Monday 8-10pm
  • Monday 8-10pm
  • Monday 8-10pm
Rhyme Enforcer 235: Kinda like the soundtrack of Blade Runner, if Blade Runner was a blaxploitation movie. The freshest beats and glitchy mixtapes to hit your radio box. A ratchet retro-futuristic deconstruction of pitch and rhythm. Soundscapes ranging from the darkest of grimy back alleys to oversaturated CRTs. For requests, sonic submissions, and other inquiries, email rhymeenforcer235@gmail.com.