Jet Set Radio on Tue 3/4/14

Playlist name: Chat Client

Artist Title Album
M. Dakpay Pesnya Khomeyzhi (Song of Khoomeizhi) Melodi Tuvii: Throat Songs and Folk Tunes from Tuva
Holly Herndon Dilato Movement
Renaissance Para One Naissance de Pieurves
Mouse on the Keys Dirty Realism An Anxious Object
Jizue Rain Dog Bookshelf
DJ Yo-Yo Dieting Untitled Dormant Mirrors / Drum
Pan Sonic Rahina II / Mayhem II Kesto
Belong Who Told You This Room Exists October Language
Clem Leel Mistletoe Lane Holly Lane
Harold Budd and Brian Eno An Arc of Doves Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror
Library Tapes Fragment I Fragment
Poemss Beautiful Astronaut Space Flower Garden Hugs Poemss
Vangelis Good To See You The City
Washed Out Clap Intro High Times
Christ. Lazy Daisy Meadow Metamoprhic Reproduction Miracle
Games / Gatekeeper Strawberry Skies That We Can Play
Laurel Halo MK Ultra Quarantine
Saint Pepsi Call Me Maybe Single
Air La Femme D'Argent Moon Safari
Mike Oldfield Ommadawn pt. I Ommadawn

Wake Forest

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  • Friday 2-4pm
  • Tuesday 12-2am
Analog synths, palm trees, and female vocalists. A digital eternal summer, but with folk music in the background. (formerly Jet Set Radio)