Open air covered by Cliff.DI on Wed 3/5/14

Dissociative Identity is here on WKDU Philadelphia, 91.7 fm, covering for Eric on this beautiful Wednesday. If ya don't know the show, you soon will with two hours of postrock, math rock, garage rock, and whatever else including 1944, Owls, Vintage Kicks, Every, and even a couple tracks off of Loose Tooth's 'What It Is'. All In. Ignore Dissociative Identity Productions in order to not waste anymore time on the Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter/Youtube distractions and go enjoy the sunshine. Can we somehow find a way of combining Pathfinder with Settlers of Catan?.

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Artist Title Album New
Every Corona Buck'd
Loose Tooth About Ruined Everything What It Is
Ted Nguyent Jalapenos Islands Don't Vote
The Otter Years Perforated
Roomrunner Vaporize Ideal Cities
Speedy Ortiz Ka-Pow! "Ka​-​Prow​!​" b​/​w "Hexxy"
tacocat Crimson Wave NVM
Black Lips Drive By Buddy Underneath the Rainbow
Loose Tooth Sunk Chobi What It Is
Vintage Kicks Even Out Suburban Sunshine
Ted Nguyent My Body is a Temple of Doom Don't Vote
Owls Why Oh Why Two
1944 When I'm Alone
Every Flip Too Buck'd
Real Estate Had to Hear Atlas
Vintage Kicks Cherry Suburban Sunshine
Loose Tooth Lizzy What It Is
Ted Nguyent Beach Anarchy Don't Vote
Vintage Kicks Clementine Crush Suburban Sunshine
Every Yota Buck'd

Open air

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