The Cat's Pajamas on Thu 3/6/14

Special TJ Kong + the Atomic Bomb takeover playlist!

Artist Title Album Label New
TJ Kong + the Atomic Bomb Don't Come Home Pretty Woman
Toy Soldiers Been Here All My Days
Purples Standard Human
TJ Kong + The Atomic Bomb Dynamite
Tom Waits That Feel
Captain Beefheart Lick My Decals Off Baby
Michael Jaman Central Services/The Office
J Kong + The Atomic Bomb Snakeskin
Levee Drivers There You Go
The Lawsuits Long Drive Home
The Daylight Savings and Loan Matter of Opinion
Dan Bruskewicz Sunday Morning
The Only Band in Illyria O Mistress Mine
The Looks of It Coffee Collector
Psalmships Delilah
Jubel Jenkins DIY Dentistry
Roger Miller Dang Me
The Teeth The Coolest Kid in School
Common Prayer Diamond Street
Ali Wadsworth Say Goodbye
Dr. Dog My Old Ways
Unleash the Bastards Wallstreet
The Silent League The Catbird Seat
TJ Kong + the Atomic Bomb Telephone Blues

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