Rhyme Enforcer 235 on Mon 3/10/14

Artist Title Album Label New
The Coalition Struggle For Real
Wordburglar The Guy With The Disguises
dymaxion ant'lrd ally
Clams Casino Crystals Instrumental Mixtape III
Columbo Clubbing Spark: A Burning Man Story
Furacao 2000 Mengao 2000 Pt. 1 Rio Baile Funk: Favela Booty Beats
OCDJ The Milk's Gone Bad Hooray
SHVKVZULU Can't Tell Me Nothing
Daedelus Red-Tail & Peregrine Drown Out
Pretty Lights Yellow Bird(Michal Menert Remix) Color Map of the Sun Remixes
NWA Express Yourself(Extended Remix) Straight Outta Compton
Height With Friends High Power Versus Electric Rocker
Wildfire Quicksand Smokin'

Rhyme Enforcer 235

  • Monday 8-10pm
  • Monday 8-10pm
  • Monday 8-10pm
  • Monday 8-10pm
Rhyme Enforcer 235: Kinda like the soundtrack of Blade Runner, if Blade Runner was a blaxploitation movie. The freshest beats and glitchy mixtapes to hit your radio box. A ratchet retro-futuristic deconstruction of pitch and rhythm. Soundscapes ranging from the darkest of grimy back alleys to oversaturated CRTs. For requests, sonic submissions, and other inquiries, email rhymeenforcer235@gmail.com.