Superiority Complex on Tue 3/18/14

Artist Title Album Label New
Coven Black Sabbath + White Witch of Rose Hall
Old Lines Stratford
Septic Death Core of Reality
Infest Wheres the unity
Final Conflict What Kind of Future
Subhumans Animal
Bad American Out of Order
Coughing Fit Thrown Away
Code of Honor Code of Honor
Stupids Life's a drag
Indigesti Doppio Confronto
DOC Track 1
Bad Side Track 1
Discharge Its No TV Sketch
Offbeats Why do you hang out
FOD Powerload
Trowels Worst Dudes Ever
Faction Lets Go Get Cokes
Inocentes Apenas Contro
Shaggs Why Do I Feel
Klaus Flouride So It Goes
Basement Boys Tonights the Night to Fight
R. Stevie Moore Apropos Joes
Dot Wiggin Band Bannana Bug
Fleshtones Screaming Skull
Wildfire Free
Disciplanatha Addis Abeba
SNFU This is the End

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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