Idle Noise on Wed 4/9/14

Radioactive Releases: The Music of Three Mile Island
Background (first hour): Eliot Sharp: TMI
Background (second hour): Nash the Slash: Reactor No. 2
CPSHO: JP and the Reactors: Three Mile Island Interlude

Artist Title Album
Nuclear Forehead Three Mile Island
Nash the Slash Reactor No. 2
Times 5 Is Your Radio Active?
Cinecyde Radiation Sickness
Al Shade and Jean Romaine Three Mile Island
Maxwell Radiation Funk
The Rattlers On the Beach
Citizen Kafka It's a Meltdown Snippet (excerpt)
The Tyme-Aires Three Mile Island
JP and the Reactors Three Mile Island Interlude
Xterminators Microwave Radiation
Hex / L.U. Cipha TMI (excerpt)
Syn Radioactive Nights
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission Critical Mass
Russell Hoffman Beatles at TMI (excerpt)
The Zips Radioactivity
Reesa and the Rooters TMI (with dialogue)
The Judy's Radiation Squirm
Rick Kirby and the Vigilantes Overexposed (excerpt)
The Fourth Wall Tell 'em No
Suburban Lawns Janitor
Russell Hoffman Beatiles Scientits (excerpt)
Rondos City of Fear
Painterband Reactor
Mykel Board's ART Give Me Nuclear Power (excerpt)
Six Minute War Strontium 90
Suicide Radiation
Jayne Cortez & The Firespitters Deadly Radiation Blues (excerpt)
KSMB Atomreggae Harrsiburg
The Aircuts Radioactivity
Russell Hoffman Beatles Carter (excerpt)
Humans From Earth Half LIfe
Hawkwind Nuclear Toy
Those Beasleys Meltdown (excerpt)
The Reactors Meltdown
Subverts Radiation Nation
The Chicago City Limits Radiation Polka (excerpt)
Buschband Harrisburg
The Turn Ups Radioactive Baby
The Chicago City Limits What Melts in the Ground (excerpt)
MDC Radioactive Chocolate
Nightmare Three Miles Island
Fred and the Jupiter Gypsies Funny Yellow Socks (excerpt)
The Meltdowns Meltdown Stomp

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