Traffic Jamz on Mon 4/14/14

Artist Title Album Label New
Manchester Orchestra Top Notch Cope
St. Vincent Digital Witness St. Vincent
Ra Ra Riot Kansai The Orchard
Waxahatchee Coast to Coast Cerulean Salt
Mates of State My Only Offer Re-Arrange Us
Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks Strange Colores Enter the Slasher House
Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin Oregon Girl Broom
A Great Big Pile of Leaves Vampires In Loves Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex?
Look Mexico You Stay. I Go. No Following To Bed To Battle
Tweens Be Mean S/t
Swearin' 1 Swearin'
Tacocat You Never Came Back NVM
Hey Mercedes What You're Up Against Everynight Fire Works
Daniel Rossen Silent Song Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP REQUEST
The Promise Ring Run Down The Waterfall 30 Degrees Everywhere
Braid I Keep A Diary Frame & Canvas
Dinosaur Jr. Sludgefeast WKDU BAND BASH 5/14/1988
Owls It Collects Itself... Two
The One Up Downstairs Franco The Bull The One Up Downstairs
Owen That Tattoo Isn't Funny Anymore I Do Perceive
Girl Scouts Buh Buh Bubbaram Old Gray / Girl Scouts Split
Castevet Plays One On TV I Know What A Lion Is
Stay Ahead of The Weather Butchering A Back Catalog We Better Get Going If We're Gonna
Into It. Over It. Batsto 52 Weeks
Everyone Everywhere Batsto Everyone Everywhere / Into It. Over It Split 7"
Koji Shift Koji/IIOI Split
Cheap Girls Manhattan on Mute Giant Orange
The Dead Milkmen Some Young Guy The King in Yellow

Traffic Jamz

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Stuck in traffic? Jamie brings you news, weather, and excellent drive-time tunes.
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