Ultrasound Radio USA on Fri 4/18/14

Sorry about the disappearance last week. You get the next two weeks of songs FREE!

Artist Title Album New
Illum Sphere The Road (Charles Manier remix) Spectre Vex EP
Executive Slacks 30 Years You Can't Hum When You're Dead
Marc Almond & Friends Discipline None Night Of Flexi-Pop #04
The Faint Help in the Head Doom Abuse
Bassnectar Infinite Freestyle EP
Atmosphere Kanye West Southsiders
Lotus Kodiak Build
Nikka Costa Like a Feather Everybody Got Their Something
Paul Weller Wild Wood (Portishead remix) The Trip Hop Test, Part One
Vacationer Trip Gone
Downliners Sekt Silent Ascent Silent Ascent
LTJ Bukem Moodswings Earth Volume 1
Dan Deacon True Thrush America
Chet Faker Talk is Cheap Built on Glass
RJD2 2 More Dead Dead Ringer
Mobonix Bad Robot Machine Man
KMFDM Virus (12" mix edit) Wurst
JD Twitch Why Go to War What?!
Joe Goddard Gabriel (ft. Valentina) (Soulwax remix) Gabriel
Pet Shop Boys Psychological Fundamental

Ultrasound Radio USA

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Adam B. plays music that moves you, surveying the world's best rhythms, electronics, and atmospheres from reggae to industrial, remixes to mashups, experimental to indie and everything in between. If it has samplers, turntables, keyboards, backbeats, or production magic, we might just broadcast it. In addition to following what we do and play here, check out our past and future at... http://facebook.com/ultrasoundradio ... http://twitter.com/ultrasoundusa ... http://mixcloud.com/ultrasoundradio ... http://8tracks.com/desperatehours ... http://soundcloud.com/desphrs ... and please send your requests and airplay inquiries to info@ultrasoundradio.us.