everything i own is broken or bent on Sun 4/27/14

i played the wrong side of the los llamarada record

Artist Title Album New
a.m. dragonfly dragonfly
angie parallels turning
los llamarada je suis the exploding now
los llamarada they walk in the air the exploding now
bleeding rainbow so you know interrupt
big mouth circling sound
menthols switchblade nite michigan works
american snakeskin round the way turquoise for hello
creepoid baptism creepoid
ed schrader's music beat radio eyes sub pop 1000
v-3 inside outpost inside outpost ep
helms alee dangling modifiers sleepwalking sailors
mutators eyes closed mutators/shearing pinx
pissed jeans caught licking leather hope for men
night beats love ain't strange (everything else is) sonic bloom
the minutemen political song for michael jackson to sing double nickels on the dime
uzeda steel man different section wires
comets on fire days of vapors comets on fire
comets on fire back in the ussr comets on fire
cheetahs cut the grass cheetahs
off! void you out wasted years
snapper death and weirdness in the surfing zone snapper ep
coathangers smother suck my shirt
thee silver mount zion memorial orchestra what we loved was not enough fuck off get free, we pour light on everything
death of samantha amphetamine amphetamine ep
death restlessness iii

everything i own is broken or bent

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