Traffic Jamz on Mon 4/28/14

Artist Title Album New
St. Vincent Every Tear Disappears St. Vincent
Wye Oak Before Shriek
Water Liars Cannibal Water Liars
Cheap Girls Pacer Giant Orange
Iron Chic Less Rest for the Restless Spooky Action EP
Banner Pilot Modern Shakes Souvenir
The Menzingers Bad Things Rented World
Seahaven Andreas Reverie Lagoon: Music for Escapism Only
Monument Sophisticated Dikembe/Hightige Hotel/Jet Set Sail/Monument Split
Pet Symmetry Boldly Going Nowhere Pet Symmetry/Dikembe Split
Brave Bird Whittle Down The Days Topshelf Records 2011 Label Sample
Dikembe We Could Become River Rats Broad Shoulders
Lemuria Yesterday's Lunch Get Better
Dowsing Dinos All I Could Find Was You
You Blew It! The One With Marc Grow Up, Dude
Algernon Cadwallader Parrot Flies Parrot Flies
Their/They're/There Apocalypse (Not Right) Now Their/They're/There
Owen Where Do I Begin? L'Ami du Peuple
The One Up Downstairs Rememories The One Up Downstairs
Make Believe Pat Tillman, Emmitt Till Of Course
Owls This Must Be How... Two
This Town Needs Guns +3 Awesomeness Repels Water LP
Tera Melos Aped Patagonian Rats
Ataxia Another Automatic Writing
The Mars Volta Eriatarka De-Loused In The Comatorium
At The Drive-In Pattern Against User Relationship of Command
Small Brown Bike Trains All Talk Nail Yourself To The Ground EP
Sparta Red Alibi Wiretap Scars
Rival Schools Used for Glue United By Fate
Texas Is The Reason The Day's Refrains Do You Know Who You Are?
The Promise Ring Red & Blue Jeans Nothing Feels Good

Traffic Jamz

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Stuck in traffic? Jamie brings you news, weather, and excellent drive-time tunes.
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