Midnight Drive on Tue 5/20/14

Artist Title Album
Botnit Shoulda Brought Backup Vivid Memories
Perturbator I Am the Night I Am the Night
Tommy Test Drive High Fidelity
Nightstop Drive-by Stalking Drive-by Stalking / Aerobics
Cluster Buster Crime Is A Disease, and I'm the Cure Maniac 1980
Betamaxx Guided By Moonlight
Lueur Verte Lueur Verte's Theme Crystalica EP
Worship Alpha Centauri Close Encounter
Pelifics Dream of You
SelloRekt / LA Dreams Westbound on the Late Train Parallel Lines
Electric Youth Innocence
Stellar Dreams Nightvoid (Instrumental)
Starcadian He^Rt Sunset Blood

Midnight Drive

This program is not on the schedule.
Tuesday 12-1am
It's time to go back to the future with Midnight Drive. Featuring retro electronic, 80s-style synths, and downtempo music, it's one of the best ways to enhance your late-night driving experience.