Gold Soundz covered by Matthew Rotella on Thu 5/29/14

Artist Title Album New
The Specials Little Bitch Specials
Mighty Mongo Killshot Let's Make Serious Life Decisions
Opration Ivy Bankshot Operation Ivy
The Kreeps El Hombre Invisible Belly Full Of Razorblades
The Slits Instant Hit Cut
Dead Boys Sonic Reducer Young Loud and Snotty
The Violent Femmes Gimme The Car Tonight Violent Femmes [Disc 1]
Dan Potthast Hey James Sweets Meats and Eyeballs
Together Pangea Snakedog Snakedog
Fear Beef Boloney The Record
Dead Kennedys California Uber Alles Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death
Mea Culpa Year Of Violence Mea Culpa
The Looters Fall Alone The Looters
Assorted Jellybeans Instrumental What's Really Going On!?
Clay Hopper Makin Sure Makin Sure
X Los Angeles Los Angeles
No Means No Dark Ages Small Parts Isolated And Destroyed
Red Dons Auslander Auslander
Gape Attack Burn This City What Are You?
Death Yes He's Coming III
Common Rider One Ton This Is Unity Music
Primitive Hearts Won't Wait Around Primitive Hearts
The Bad Doctors Prism, Mirror, Lens Burning City
The Supertones The Lonely Bull Surf Fever 2000
SNAIL RAMP Jet Walk A Pizza Already
The Aquabats! The Shark Fighter Hi-Five Soup!
The Rudaments Wailing Paddle Circle Our Empire
Ex-Friends Don't Do It Like That (Do It Like This) Animal Needs
Voodoo Glow Skulls Dirty Rats Who Is This Is?
Mephiskapheles Sate Maximum Perversion
Big D And The Kids Table If We Want To How It Goes

Gold Soundz

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Thursday 4-6pm
Tune in for a tasty mix of indie rock, pop, and punk. Sometimes noisy, sometimes not. Regardless, it'll be sweet.