Jet Set Radio on Fri 5/30/14

Sick day/penultimate playlist

Artist Title Album New
Bop It Frog Rabbit
The mIX FIles Lauren Bousfield
Tobacco Father Sister Bezerker Ultima II Massage
Nero's Day at Disneyland Probably End Up Dead In a Ditch Somewhere From Rotting Fantasylands
Lauren Bousfield Cracknight Avalon Vales
Trust Four Gut Joyland
Mr.Kitty †† D E Δ T H
Perfume Genius Write To Your Brother Learning
The Avalanches [untitled] El Producto
The Caretaker Camaraderie At Arms Length An Empty Bliss Beyond This World
Disconcious Mattress Store Hologram Plaza
Oneohtrix Point Never Chrome Country r+7
Sufjan Stevens All Delighted People (Original Version) All Delighted People EP
Nick Drake Way To Blue Five Leaves Left
Mac DeMarco Let My Baby Stay Salad Days
St. Vincent Huey Newton St. Vincent
Jordaan Mason and The Horse Museum Racehorse: Get Married! Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head
The Microphones I Felt My Size The Glow Pt. 2
The Olvia Tremor Control The Sylvan Screen Black Foliage: Animation Music
Munn til Munn Metoden Earth Cup EP Vol. 1
Ancient Astronaut A2 Ancient Astronaut
Merzbow 3 Yantra Material Action
Brian Eno & Karl Hyde The Sattelites Someday World
A Silver Mt. Zion Take These Hands and Throw Them in the River Born into Trouble As the Sparks Fly Upward
Simon Scott _Sealevel.6 Below Sea Level
Tycho Plains Awake
Cliff Martinez Bride of Deluxe Drive

Wake Forest fka. Jet Set Radio

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