Open air covered by yoni191 on Mon 8/18/14

Artist Title Album New
Reagan Youth Heavy Metal Shuffle For God & Country
Really Red Youth Culture For Sale Rest In Pain
Total Control Expensive Dog Typical System
Ruin Alter He-Ho
Trophy Wife Dead Composers Dance Alone Sing What Scares You
Multicult Luxury Jaws b/w Luxury
Dark Blue Skinhead Wedding in Canberra Subterranean Man
Psychic Teens Lord Come
Rat At Rat R Bloodshot S/T LP
Red Temple Spirits Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun If Tomorrow I Were Leaving for Lhasa, I Wouldn't Stay a Minute More...
Sgnls Love Go's Running II
Lower Lost Weight, Perfect Skin Seek Warmer Climes
Northern Liberties Justice For Tommy Ghost Mind Electricity
Band of Susans Silver Lining Word and the Flesh
Red Dons Auslander Auslander b/w Mauvaise Foi
No Hope For The Kids Eyes of War S/T LP
The Vicious Psychotic Mind Obsessive 7"
Mea Culpa Dim Returns S/T 7"
Nature Boys Babylon S/T 2nd LP
Death of Samantha Sexual Dreaming If Memory Serves Us Well
Dark Thoughts Where Did You Go Four Songs
Thee Headcoats Where are the Children that Hitler Kissed? The Messerschmitt Pilot's Severed Hand
Dead Moon Clouds of Dawn Stranded in the Mystery Zone
The Thermals Power Doesn't Run On Nothing The Body The Blood The Machine

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