Rhyme Enforcer 235 on Mon 8/25/14

Artist Title Album Label New
Gaz Indian Gaz Gaz
clipping. Live at WKDU 8.22.14
Asher Roth Dude RetroHash
Dee Dee King 2 Much 2 Drink Standing In The Spotlight
Danny Brown Grown Up
Deadmau5 Creep While 1<2
Morgan Zarate Hookid Hyperdub 10.1
Ghostfunk Astro Easy Love (Instrumental) Ghostfunk
Aphex Twin Avril 14th Drukqs
Height With Friends WKLX Midnight Mix (Dub) Vs. Electric Rockers
Roxanne Shante Live On Stage (House Mix)
Jennifer Hudson It's Your World
Dan Deacon We Can't Stop 50% Reduction Mix

Rhyme Enforcer 235

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  • Monday 8-10pm
Mashed potatoes and garlic chives, it's Rhyme Enforcer 235. For requests, sonic submissions, and other inquiries, email rhymeenforcer235@gmail.com.