Wake Forest on Fri 1/9/15

First broadcast under new moniker

Artist Title Album
A Winged Victory for the Sullen We Played Some Open Chords and Rejoiced, for the Earth Had Circled the Sun Yet Another Year A Winged Victory for the Sullen
Stars of the Lid Don't Bother They're Here And Their Refinement and Decline
Secede Born In a Tropical Swamp Tryshasla
The Future Sound of London Lifeforms Lifeforms
Disconcious Enter Through the Hotel Lobby Hologram Plaza
Phelios Astral Visions Astral Unity
Leyland Kirby Wdtftcs- Thirty-One We Drink to Forget the Coming Storm
Lauren Bousfield Two Swans Duct Taped To The Side of a Coke Machine Locked Into Phantasy
Strip Mall Seizures Mohagany Podium I'll Never Give Up On You
The Microphones I Want to Be Cold The Glow Pt. 2
Sisyphus I Won't Be Afraid Sisyphus
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Sleep Lift Yr. Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven
Tin Hat Old World The Sad Machinery of Spring
Clint Mansell Welcome to Lunar Industries (Three Year Stretch) Moon

Wake Forest fka. Jet Set Radio

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Analog synths, palm trees, and female vocalists. A digital eternal summer, but with folk music in the background. (formerly Jet Set Radio)