Wake Forest on Fri 1/30/15

jungle isn't dead but it's close

Artist Title Album
Orange Twin Field Works Volume 1 Orange Twin Field Works
Huun-Huur-Tu Allai Sayau Tandy-Uula Allai Sayau Tandy-Uula
Coil Going Up The Aple of Naples
Swans Screen Shot To Be Kind
Xiu Xiu Cynthia's Unisex Angel Guts: Red Classroom
Venetian Snares Fluff Master Songs about My Cats
Bjork Joga (Alex Empire Mix) Homogenic
Black Sun Empire Skin Deep Skin Deep B/W High Voltage
araabMUZIK Lift Off Electronic Dream
DJ Diamond Torture Rack Flight Muzik
Lunice Fancy Forty Stacker Upper
DJ Roc King of the Cirlce The Crack Capone
DJ Rashad Acid Bit Double Cup
Ceephax Acid Crew Cedric's Sonnet United Acid Emirates
Squarepusher Vic Acid Hard Normal Daddy
Autechre Rotar Tri Repetae++

Wake Forest fka. Jet Set Radio

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Analog synths, palm trees, and female vocalists. A digital eternal summer, but with folk music in the background. (formerly Jet Set Radio)