Cosmic Debris on Fri 3/27/15

second half by JOSH LESSER

Artist Title Album New
The Spirit of The Beehive I Smell Bud The Spirit of The Beehive
Hermit Thrushes Ootheca Mystery Ocean
Scott Churchman Sleep Ignore That Noise
Elliott Smith Needle In The Hay Elliott Smith
Idiot Kid what can i be unless that i know time is elephant
Blue Smiley flower ok
Krill Turd Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Burst into tears
Loose Tooth Pickwick Average
Lightning Bolt Fantasy Empire The Metal East
King Khan & BBQ Show Alone Again Bad News Boys
Duster Get the Dutch Contemporary Movement
Black Flag Nothing Left Inside My War
Boris Pink Pink
Drive Like Jehu Here Come the Rome Plows Yank Crime
Fat History Month Bald History Month Bad History Month
Wild Moth Behave Over, Again LP
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Fuck Off Get Free Fuck Off Get Free
Slowdive When the Sun Hits Souvlaki
LVL UP Third Eye Space Brothers
Panda Bear Take Pills Person Pitch
Alex G Uh unreleased
Ampere Woodlawn All Our Tomorrows

Cosmic Debris

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Friday 2-4pm
"I just do whatever makes me happy and other people bummed"- neck face
Bossa nova