Cosmic Debris on Mon 4/6/15

Just one hour today

Artist Title Album New
Evil Sword Digging a hole Evil Sword
Sedna's Not Alone Sedna's First(demo) Demo
Idiot Forever Vibrate Boi Boi Insane
Alex G Soaker
Ghost Light You Already Know Awful Feelins
Hermit Thrushes Purple Flower Potsherd Gold Meadow
The Body & Thou Beyond the Realms of Dreams, That Fleeting Shade Under the Corpus of Va You, Whom I have Always Hated
Duke Ellington Take The A Train
blue smiley demon ok
idiot kid what can i be unless that i know time is elephant
Jerry Paper Doesn't Matter Take Me Carousel
Lighting Bolt The Metal East Fantasy Empire
Bad History Month Skindivers Sad History Month

Cosmic Debris

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Friday 2-4pm
"I just do whatever makes me happy and other people bummed"- neck face
Bossa nova