Another Indie Playlist on Thu 4/16/15

Artist Title Album New
Andrew Bird Rising Water Echolocations: Canyon
Black Moth Super Rainbow Oat The Autumn Kaleidoscope Got Changed
Mum Finally We Are No One Finally We Are No One
Melody's Echo Chamber You Won't Be Missing That Part OF Me Melody's Echo Chamber
Baths You're My Excuse to Travel Cerulean
Oshwa Baraboo Chamomile Crush
The Most And They Did Go By Important Things
Maps & Atlases Perch Patchwork Perch Patchwork
Self-Evident We Built A Fortress On Short Notice We Built A Fortress On Short Notice
This Town Needs Guns If I Sit Still, Maybe I'll Get Out of Here This Town Needs Guns
The Dodos Goodbyes and Endings Individ
Loose Tooth Skinny Chewy Easy Easy East
Department of Eagles Floating On The Lehigh In Ear Park
Lowercase Noises Song For No One Migratory Patterns
Benoit Pioulard So Etched In Memory Sonnet
Ramona Falls Archimedes Plutonium Prophet
Seacats Firewood Seacats
Dangerous Ponies You Are Dangerous Dangerous Ponies
Archers of Loaf Might Icky Mettle
boris smile Queen of Green Welly My Love Powered by 10,000 Practice Amps
The Adventures Of The Silver Spaceman Don't know what I'm looking for Sun Songs
Waxahatchee < Ivy Tripp
the gift machine Sweetest Fruit Hard Facts Are Still Uncertain
Mitski Texas Reznikoff Bury Me At Makeout Creek
The Tallest Man On Earth Dark Bird Is Home Dark Bird Is Home
Laura Marling Walk Alone Short Movie
The Mountain Goats Animal Mask Beat The Champ

Another Indie Playlist

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Another Indie Playlist is just that, but with some (hopefully) unique twists and turns thrown in. Tune in, and you'll be treated to a (hopefully) refreshing blend of indie rock, modern folk, alternative, emo, pop punk, local Philly goodness, and maybe even some electronic/hip-hop/r&b/whatever, because why not?
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