Cosmic Debris on Mon 4/27/15

no particular order fuck you

Artist Title Album New
Duster Echo, Bravo Stratosphere
LVL UP Cross the Sea Porches/lvlup
Blue Smiley control ok
Gunk Terrified Gradual Shove
Captain Beefheart Zig Zag Wanderer Safe as Milk
Nah Calculated Gestures Difficult
Idiot Forever Jungle Okanaga
Weed Stay In Summer Running Back
Dinner Girl Three EPs
Some weird drone track dont bother looking it up there is no information
Ava Luna Billz Infinite House
Congenital Death Collapse From My Hands
Idiot Kid what can I be unless that i know time
Loose Tooth Skinny Chewy Easy Easy East
Glocca Morra burning love/burning desire glocca morra/summer vaction
The Spirit of Beehive Fever Dream s/t
Rites Of Spring For Want Of
Slint Good Morning Captain Spiderland
Bauhaus Dark Entries In the Flat Fields
Homeshake Slow In the SHower
Count Basie Midnite Blue e=mc^2
Bandit Neglect
The Beds Dark Bar Ride Again
Pile #2 Hit Single You're Better Than This
Bandit Neglect
Bongripper Satan Satan Worshipping Doom

Cosmic Debris

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Friday 2-4pm
"I just do whatever makes me happy and other people bummed"- neck face
Bossa nova