Another Indie Playlist on Thu 4/30/15

Artist Title Album New
Nana Grizol Blackbox Ruth
Brown Bird Adolescence Axis Mundi
Happyness Montreal Rock Band Somewhere Weird Little Birthday
The Sweater I Gave You Nobody's Baby Boring Ecstasy
Liam The Younger Current Joys After The Graveyard
Pill Wonder Family Vacation Jungle/Surf
Wild Sweet Orange Tilt We Have Cause To Be Uneasy
Weatherbox The Clearing American Art
Car Seat Headrest You're In Love With Me How To Leave Town
Hannah Cohen Claremont Pleasure Boy
Julia Brown Library
The Good Life Night And Day Album of The Year
Headphones Natural Disaster Headphones
The Acorn Dents Tin Fist
Ugly Casanova Spilled Milk Factory Sharpen Your Teeth
Hop Along The Knock Painted Shut
Hop Along Buddy In The Parade Painted Shut
Little Tybee The Boldest Line For Distant Views
Cosmo Sheldrake Tardigrade Song Pelicans we
Freak Heat Waves Dig A Hole Bonnie's State Of Mind
mewithoutYou Red Cow Red Cow
The Flashbulb Oceanesque Compositions for Piano
Waxahatchee Bonfire Ivy Tripp
handsome eric coast to coast will never be a hype track, kevin oh, cool
Bellows Am I? Or Was I? Because I As If To Say I Hate Daylight
Cloud Night Ride Zen Summer
attic basement Australia Dancing Is Depressing
Allison Crutchfield No One Talks Lean Into It
The Sidekicks Pet

Another Indie Playlist

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Another Indie Playlist is just that, but with some (hopefully) unique twists and turns thrown in. Tune in, and you'll be treated to a (hopefully) refreshing blend of indie rock, modern folk, alternative, emo, pop punk, local Philly goodness, and maybe even some electronic/hip-hop/r&b/whatever, because why not?
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Emo/Pop Punk