Cosmic Debris on Mon 5/4/15


Artist Title Album New
Trace Mountains buttery sprouts Buttery Sprouts
Idiot Forever Idiot Forever side of split Idiot Forever/What Nerve
Brandon Can't Dance possessed dolled up girl Vol. 5
Nah Neighbors Below Difficult
Tonstartssbandht Black Country An When
Snoozer Two Little Indians Relics Pt. 2
Gunk Ice Cream Gradual Shove
Weed Yr Song Running Back
blue smiley hurt ok
Loose Tooth Sunk Chubi Easy Easy East
Fat History Month Bald History Month Bad History Month
Ovlov There's My Dini Am
Swirlies Jeremy Parker
Duster Echo, Bravo Stratosphere
Congential Death Moniz Therapy From My hands
Bandit Neglect
Sleep The Wall of Yawn Vol 2
The Spirit of The Beehive Fever Dream S/T
Dinosaur Jr. Little Fury Things You're Living All over me
Brujeria Consejos Narcos
EyeHategod Left To Starve In the Name Of Suffering
Ava Luna Roses & Cherries Infinite House
Dinner Going Out Three Eps
Alex G Soaker
Elliott Smith Needle In The Hay
Mdou Moctar La Super Mdou Moctar/Porches.
Sheer Mag Fan The Flames II 7"

Cosmic Debris

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Friday 2-4pm
"I just do whatever makes me happy and other people bummed"- neck face
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