Another Indie Playlist on Thu 5/7/15

Artist Title Album New
Mum Faraway Swimmingpool Finally We Are No One
Mountain Range Only Half Anywhere Adjustments EP
Batholamaus Traubeck Picea(Spruce) Years
Christoph El' Truento MoOon Birds What We Used To Know
The Tallest Man On Earth Singers Dark Bird Is Home
Carissa's Weird Halfway Spoken Heart That Feels Comfort In Everything Until It Disappears and Then It's Gone You Should Be at Home Here
The New Year The End's Not Near The End Is Near
Elvis Depressedly Waste's Of Time New Alhambra
Fruit Bats Seaweed Mouthfuls
Rose Windows Strip Mall Babylon Rose Windows
Page France Junkyard Hello, Dear Wind
The City On Film I Blindly La Vella
Snowden The Beat Comes No One In Control
The Dead Ships Big Quiet EP I
American Wrestlers The Rest Of You American Wrestlers
Land Of Talk Some Are Lakes Some Are Lakes
Hop Along I Saw My Twin Painted Shut
Pet Symmetry Please Don't Tell My Father That I USed His 1996 Honda Accord to Destroy the Town Of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania in 2002 Two Songs About Cars. Two Songs With Long Titles.
Sun Hotel Ease Gifts
Mac Mccaughan Only Do Non-Believers
French Kicks With The Fishes Swimming
Longwave The Devil And The Liar Secrets Are Sinister
Young Jesus Away Home
Said The Whale 2010 Little Mountain
Plants And Animals Lightshow The End of That
Caddywhompus Stuck Feathering A Nest
Memory Map Super Human Child The Sky As Well As Space
Pinegrove Recycling Meridian
Happyness A Whole New Shape Weird Little Birthday

Another Indie Playlist

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Another Indie Playlist is just that, but with some (hopefully) unique twists and turns thrown in. Tune in, and you'll be treated to a (hopefully) refreshing blend of indie rock, modern folk, alternative, emo, pop punk, local Philly goodness, and maybe even some electronic/hip-hop/r&b/whatever, because why not?
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