Another Indie Playlist on Thu 5/14/15

Artist Title Album New
In Tall Buildings Flare Gun Driver
Turnover Humming Peripheral Vision
Native Lights Abuse Arcade Native Lights
Crown Larks Chapels Blood Dancer
Tica Douglas Mornings Joey
Adam Arcuragi We Steal People's Medicine I Am Become Joy
Twinsmith Shut Me Out Alligator Years
Elvis Depressedly New Alhambra New Alhambra
Cassino Kingprince Kingprince
The Long Winters Ultimatum Ultimatum
Sean Nicholas Savage Misery Mountain Mutual Feelings of Respect and Admiration
Sondre Lerche Bad Law Please
ex wife Young Parents New Colors
Los Campesinos There Are Listed Buildings Romance Is Boring
Buried Beds Oh Lonely Fortress! In Spirit
Big Tree This New Year This New Year
Company Of Thieves Around The Block Ordinary Riches
Jeffrey Lewis Time Trades A Turn in the Dream-Songs
The Moldy Peaches Secret Tongues Unreleased Cutz and Live Jamz
Candy Claws Catamaran In the Dream of the Sea Life
Big Scary Leaving Home Vacation
Duster Travelogue Contemporary Movement
Dogbreth Blueprints Sentimental Health
Falsetto Boy The Sage Feeding The Birds
orchid mantis hessdalen light hessdalen light
adult mom what's another lipstick mark? i fell in love by accident
ghost orchard calloused poppy
Futo Seven Years I Wish I Had Been Born as the Rain that Forms Rivers that Carve out Canyons
kenekt Blue Mountain Beach Summer 2012
Diners Citrus Always room

Another Indie Playlist

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Another Indie Playlist is just that, but with some (hopefully) unique twists and turns thrown in. Tune in, and you'll be treated to a (hopefully) refreshing blend of indie rock, modern folk, alternative, emo, pop punk, local Philly goodness, and maybe even some electronic/hip-hop/r&b/whatever, because why not?
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