Cosmic Debris on Mon 6/1/15

R.I.P. In Peace Glocca Morra

Artist Title Album
+HIRS+ All Of Our Friends Are Babes split Tape With PEEPLE WATCHIN
The Beds Dark Bar Ride Again
Vietnam the psyche World Tour
+HIRS+ Anti-Everything split Tape With PEEPLE WATCHIN
Polvo Fast Canoe
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 My Pal the Tortoise
Palm No Tribute Into The Bulk
My Bloody Valentine Off Your Face Glider
Blue Smiley control ok
Glocca Morra burning love/burning desire Glocca Morra/Summer Vacation
Glocca Morra Railing Ghoul Intentions
Glocca Morra Y'all Boots or Hats Just Married
Tape Rec Mantra/Anagrama Death Friends
Ovlov The Great Alligator AM
Alex G Break
Fat History Month Bald History Month Bad History Month
Duster Echo, Bravo Stratosphere
Tonstartssbandht Black Country An WHen
Slint Good Morning Captain Spiderland
Euphoria Again Mickey Shoots Up The Mouse Rides Again

Cosmic Debris

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Friday 2-4pm
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