Another Indie Playlist on Thu 6/4/15

Artist Title Album New
Hubert Davis Primul fragment Proceduri de Rutina
L'Orange Nostalgia The Mad Writer
Twit One Zuelpicher Blues Stepping Stones
emancipator wolf drawn soon it will be cold enough
Mr. Cooper Four Amongst Strangers
Floraverse found transmission broken radio
Lost Trail Joppa Oaks Early Recordings, Volume One
Carriages Significant Landscapes Roots/Significant Landscapes
The Album Leaf Falling From The Sun A Chorus Of Storytellers
Darwin Deez Kill Your Attitude Kill Your Attitude
Pet Symmetry Salad Daze (Seein' Cred) Pets Hounds
Chalk Talk You're In Bad Influences
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Step Brother City The High Country
Maritime People, The Vehicles We, the Vehicles
Windmill Jelly Globe Above Duffle Farm
Keeps Heavy Hangs rift
Joe Jack Talcum One False Move Home Recording's 1993-99
Shawn David McMillen No Passport On The Clock w/ JJ & Mitch
Cold Foamers Tantrum All Cold Everything
Hurry Oh Whitney Everything/Nothing
Colossal Wrecks Painted Faces Waste the Moments
Swearin' Dust in the Gold Sack Surfin Strange
The Flatmates On My Mind Shimmer EP
Sarah Mary Chadwick Am I Worth It? 9 Classic Tracks
Sunfold Gnosis Toy Tugboats
Bowerbirds Crooked Lust Upper Air
Julian Lynch Rivers Born2Run
Your Friend Pallet Jekyll/Hyde
Eskimeaux Everything You Love O.K.
A Hawk And A Hacksaw The Way The Wind Blows The Way The Wind Blows

Another Indie Playlist

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Another Indie Playlist is just that, but with some (hopefully) unique twists and turns thrown in. Tune in, and you'll be treated to a (hopefully) refreshing blend of indie rock, modern folk, alternative, emo, pop punk, local Philly goodness, and maybe even some electronic/hip-hop/r&b/whatever, because why not?
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