The Music of Sound on Mon 8/17/15

when rob thomas was heckled on an AMA reddit session

Artist Title Album Label New
Jackson Scott That Awful Sound Melbourne
The Clientele We Could Walk Together Suburban Light
The Spinanes Kid In Candy Arches And Aisles
Stereolab French Disko Refried Ectoplasm
Grave Babies Positive Aggression Holographic Violence
Ride Polar Bear Nowhere
Slowdive When the Sun Hits Souvlaki
Joanna Gruesome Last Year Peanutbutter Slumberland
Ice Age You're Blessed New Brigade
Eric's Trip Secret for Julie Love Tara
Creepoid Devil In the Subtext Cemetery Highrise Slum Collect
Ed Schrader's Music beat Televan 7"
Total Babes Blurred Time Heydays Wichita
Warm Soda I Wanna Know Her Symbolic Dream Castle Face
Tacocat Cat Fancy Take Me to Your Dealer
Peach Kelli Pop Dreamphone Peach Kelli Pop Burger
Together Pangea Badillac Badillac Burger
The Wake Melancholy Man Late Night Tales: MGMT
Marine Girls Honey Lazy Ways/Beach Party
Shy Boys Keeps Me On My Toes Shy Boys
The Field Mice Emma's House Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way?
Ciccone Youth Into the Groove(y) Whitey Album
Bedhead The Unpredictable Landlord WhatFunLifeWas
Seam Rafael The Problem With Me
Eddy Current Suppression Ring Memory Lane Primary Colours
Archers of Loaf 1985 Vee Vee
Archers of Loaf Fabricoh Vee Vee
Polvo The Drill 7"
All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors Saturn Jig All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors
Elvis Depressedly Big Break New Alhambra
Secret Shine Suck Me Down Untouched
Froth Afternoon Bleak

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Everything from Funk/Soul/Disco to New Wave/Psych/Post-Punk, even the occasional Doom/Hip-Hop/Country. The Music of Sound wakes you up with a listen through the decades, finding all the rhythms and beats that make you move.
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