Hanging With Mr. Cooper on Fri 1/22/16

Artist Title Album New Local
Snoozer Two Little Indians relics pt. 2
Stevie Dinner 100% Juice ~Mystery Flavor~
Arthur Shae Rock n Roll (Don't Gimmie A Million Bucks) Arthur's First
Helvetia The Acrobats Honest Gods
Telstar Drugs Greyed Rainbow Sonatine
Makeout Videotape Only You Ying Yang
Beach Fossils Cayler
Telstar Drugs Bowling Telstar Drugs
Women Shaking hand
P.H.F. No Makeup Void
Broadcast Poem of Dead Song
the spirit of the beehive World Access You Are Arrived (but you've been cheated)
cool dad u r evil cool dad
Swirlies House of Pancake
Cold Foamers Tantrum All Cold Everything
The Fragile Fate Lilliam Ocean Lilliam Ocean
Stove Dusty Tree Stove
Handsome eric shredder beach oh, cool
Golden Drugs Appalachian Blood In the Midnight Sun or Stubbornly Persistant Illusion
Beverly Tender Pretzel Drunk Lord Mayor Makes 1,00 Speeches
Yukon black knee-highs yukon/bulldog eyes split
Damaged Bug Photograph Hubaa Bubba
Puzzle I Saw An Angel
The Garden Ha Ha Ha Ha
bulldog eyes gross asleep
Helvetia Dot Running From The Dust Dromomania
Brandon Can't Dance bathroom cigarettes featuring Chloe Sierka LXVE II

Hanging With Mr. Cooper

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