Hanging With Mr. Cooper on Fri 1/29/16

Artist Title Album New Local
Inner Wave Wild Sun Transmission
Michael Seyer Breakfast in Bed Ugly Boy
Alex Calder Marcel Strange Dreams
Mono No Aware Vanilla Don't Fall Vol. 2
Melkbelly Bathroom at the Beach Post-Trash: Vol. 1
Helvetia Honest Gods The Acrobats
Alex G Kicker Beach Music
river to your maker (tour demo) bulldog eyes bulldog eyes/yukon/ikea graveyard tour demo split
WEED Hiding Spot Running Back
Dories Squinting Don't Fall Vol. 2
Fraternal Twin Shadowgoing s/t
Deerhunter Agorophobie Microcastle
Stevie Dinner Card Declined for Pizza & Wine ~Mystery Flavor~
Rasputin's Secret police Watched Her Spells DREXEL KILL
Euphoria Again Mickey shoots up The Mouse Rides On
infinite bisous life + you teen sex/life + you
Broken Social Scene Our Faces Split The Coast In Half s/t
Witch Coast Dopesick Burnt Out By 3pm
Warehouse Euphrates Post-Trash: Vol. 1
The Clientele Reflections After Jane
Gretchen Don't Mind Oblique Contours
Jake Lazovick sitcome ~ crumb_song3_10_03_2016
John Maus Bennington
True Widow Bleeder s/t
Chris Clark Pleen 1930s Clarence Park
Twin Shadow Tyrant Destroyed Forget
Yppah Gumball Machine Weekend They Know What Ghost Know
Altered Images Happy Birthday
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Sense Paper Mache Dream Balloon
Palm Crank Trading Basics
Telstar Drugs Unglued Endless Straight

Hanging With Mr. Cooper

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heatin up
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