The Stardust Revue on Mon 5/9/16

Week 7 show featuring brand new music from FAMM'IN, Miyavi, Kaytranada, Babymetal and Lone.

Artist Title Album
Aphex Twin Come To Daddy (Little Lord Faulteroy Mix) Come To Daddy
Aphex Twin Bucephalus Bouncing Ball Come To Daddy
Grum Turn It Up Heartbeats
Mike Tenay Miami Beach Jacuzzi
Katy B Honey (feat. Kaytranada) Honey
Nujabes Counting Stars Hydeout Productions (Second Collection)
Eyeliner Antivirus High Fashion Mood Music
death's dynamic shroud.wmv 내 마음은 떨고 I'll Try Living Like This
Rae Sremmurd Lit Like Bic (Clean) SremmLife
FAMM'IN Circle Famm'in - EP
Mike Tenay Pink Flamingo Jacuzzi
Danny L Harle Ashes of Love (feat. Caroline Polachek) Ashes of Love
Miyavi Afraid to be Cool (Seiho Remix) Afraid To Be Cool
Kaytranada GOT IT GOOD (feat. Craig David) 99.9%
マクロスMACROSS 82-99 Want Me ( w/ Soul Bells) ネオ東京
Zapp & Roger More Bounce To The Ounce All The Greatest Hits
BABYMETAL Awadama Fever Metal Resistance
BABYMETAL Sis. Anger Metal Resistance
BiS My Ixxx うりゃおい!!!
BiS Our Song IDOL is DEAD
My Bloody Valentine You Made Me Realise You Made Me Realise
비둘기우유 Only Shallow Loveless - Tribute
Pop & Eye Being Boing Toil For Olive Oyl EP
Pop & Eye Give Me A Fight Toil For Olive Oyl EP
Lone Backtail Was Heavy Backtail Was Heavy
Lone Vapour Trail Vapour Trail

The Stardust Revue

Patrick Magee
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