Alt Things Considered on Fri 5/20/16

In which Marcel visits.

"I'm in a hammock!" -Marcel

Artist Title Album New
Ought On the Line Sun Coming Down
Znth Quicksilver Quicksilver
Xiu Xiu Pirate Jenny Nina
The Sidekicks Everything in Twos Runners in the Nerved World
Guided By Voices Gonne Never Have to Die Half Smiles of the Decomposed
And the Kids Friends Share Lovers Friends Share Lovers
Pavement Stereo Brighten the Corners
Mike Adams At His Honest Weight Bronze Worlds Casino Drone
Sales Crash Sales LP
The Dutchess & the Duke Sunrise / Sunset Sunset / Sunrise
Broken Social Scene Stars and Sons You Forgot It In People
The Baptist Generals Turnunders and Overpasses Jackleg Devotional to the Heart
Paul Baribeau Strawberry s/t
The Multiple Cat Magic That Doesn't Work Magic That Doesn't Work
The Hussy Asking For Too Much Galore
Violent Femmes Holy Ghost We Can Do Anything
Murals Long Bridge Long Bridge
Yo La Tengo (Straight Down to the) Bitter End Electr-o-Pura
Xenia Rubinos Hair Receding Magic Trix
Palma Violets Walking Home Danger in the Club
Snowden So Red No One in Control
Iron & Wine Me and Lazarus Kiss Each Other Clean
Holly Miranda In Spite of Me Party Trick
Craft Spells Changing Faces Nausea
Priests New Bodies and Control and Money and Power
Grass is Green Big Dog Tee Shirt Birthday Weekend Vacation Vinny
Canada Freedom Riders Undanceable

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