Hard Left on Fri 5/20/16

what the fuck happened in the last half hour

Artist Title Album New Local
Mumblr Money~~~Problems~~~WKDU! Mumblr Live on WKDU Philadelphia
The King Khan & BBQ Show Snackin' After Midnight Bad News Boys
Sun Organ Blood In The House Split Cassette w/ The City & I
Brown Rainbow Thanksgiving 2012 GOOD ENOUGH
Shelf Life Double Dare Everyone Make Happy
Kid Congo & The Pink Monkeybirds La Arana La Arana Es La Vida
Thee Oh Sees Hang A Picture Putrifiers II
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard Big Fig Wasp Nonagon Infinity
Vista Kid Cruiser Goodbye Sample City Goodbye Sample City
Cash Wednesday Diving Lessons ABSOLVE U
Laser Background Belief Possibility Correct
Brandon Can't Dance mascara LXVE II
WEED Yr Songs Running Back
Ringo Deathstarr Heavy Metal Suicide Pure Mood
The i.l.y's My Career i've always been good at true love
LVL UP Bad Blood Split 7" w/ Porches
Iron Chic Less Rest For The Restless Spooky Action
Chumped Hot 97 Summer Jam That's The Thing Is Like...
Tancred Joey Out Of The Garden
Pope Weeks Of Debate Known Weed Smoker
Fat White Family We Must Learn To Rise Songs For Our Mothers
The Residents The New Machine Mark Of The Mole
S.T.A.R.W.O.O.D. Love Your Lawnmower TRANSMISSION
Vulture Shit I Love The Way He Touches His Computer I Love The Way He Touches His Computer
Melt-Banana Bright Splat (Red Point Black Dot) Teeny Shiny
Dan Melchior Hornet Blues/Los Amendaza Assemblage Blues
1994! never into it, definitely over it FUCK IT
The Orphans The Government Stole My Germs CD Raise The Youth
Beastie Boys Beastie Boys Polly Wog Stew
Lightning Bolt Dream Genie Fantasy Empire
G.L.O.S.S. Masculine Artifice DEMO
+HIRS+ Book Burnt Black Live on WKDU (10.21.2012)
+HIRS+ Trans Parent Live on WKDU (10.21.2012)
+HIRS+ Birth Name Live on WKDU (10.21.2012)
Street Sity Surf I Look For You Roadhouse Disco
Community Service Back Line J-a.w\n<
The Rentiers Black Metal Yoga Black Metal Yoga

Hard Left

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Tune in Sundays 2-4 PM for two straight hours of good tunes with no genre boundaries. Spinning everything from old jazz vinyl to hot new local acts to the sound of someone beating a trash can with a stick in an alleyway. The only constant is that we never end up in the same place that we started.
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