Post-this Post-that Radio on Thu 6/23/16

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Labradford Listening in depth Prazision Kranky
New Order ICB Movement Factory
Notekillers Crash Songs And Jams Vol. 1 American Bushman
Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band High Castle Rock The Rarity of Experience No Quarter
Shawn Kilroy Saint John Neumann All Pinocchio's Men Ghost Imprint
Flying Saucer Attack For Silence Further Drag City
Dead Can Dance Ascension Spleen and Ideal 4ad
Zhang Guangtian Murder on a Rainy Night Shanghai Triad Soundtrack
Anita Lane Jesus almost got me Dirty Pearl Mute
Marissa Anderson Waltz of Shadows Into the Light Chaos Kitchen
Palace Trudy Dies 7" Drag City
Rosali Good Life Out of Love Siltbreeze
Deerhoof Devile and his anarchic... The magic
Snakeoilers Feeling dirty 7"
Feelies too much Only Life a&m
KeN Rodman St Swagger 7" Deadbeat
Honey Radar Fort Wayne Mermaids Blank Curtain
Residents I'm so lonesome i could cry Potatoes Comp Ralph
Screamin' Jay Hawkins I put a spell on you
Leadbelly John Hardy
The Carter Family John Hardy
Fridge Harmonica
Steve Gunn Conditions wild Eyes on the lines Matador
Feels Tell me Feels Castle Face
Brian Eno I'm set free The chip opal

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