Post-this Post-that Radio on Thu 7/7/16

Artist Title Album Label New Local
The Fall I am Curious Orange I am Kurious Orange
Flying Burrito Brothers Hot Burrito #2 Gilded Palace of Sin
Steve Gunn Wildwood Way out weather Paradise of Bachelors
David Kilgour Nail in my foot Sugar Mouth Flying Nun
Honey Radar Blank Cartoon What's Your Rupture?
Mountains And Rainbows Castle Face
28th Day 25 pills
San Francisco Seals (W Barbara Manning) Baby Blue Now Here Matador
Rain Parade No easy way down (live) Beyond the Sunset Restless
Rainy Day I'll be your mirror Rainy Day Rough Trade
Opal Happy NIghtmare Baby
Space Whale Orchestra 1:27pm 09.02.15 Sleepless Sound
Writhing Squares Lava Suit In the void above Siltbreeze
Sea and Cake Parasol (live) Live at Threadwaxing Space Comp Zero Hour
The Only Ones Another girl, another planet Special View Epic
Shawn Kilroy Intravenous writer's retreat All Pinocchio's Men Ghost Imprint
Notekillers Crash Songs and Jams Vol. 1 American Bushman
Spacin' Over uneasy Total Freedom Richie
Air Miami world cup fever sixteen songs
Flatmates Heaven Knows Heaven Knows ep Subway
Felt Under a pale light Pictorial Jackson Review Relativity
Steve Gunn/Kurt Vile/Mary Lattimore Spring Garden Parallelagram Box Three Lobed

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