Ultrasound Radio USA on Tue 7/12/16

Making up for lost ground with rap and dub, among other things.

Artist Title Album Label New
Creeping Eruption Harbinger of Death The Cyberflesh Conspiracy
Xeno & Oaklander Chevron Topiary
The Orb Vuja De The Dream
Lotus Move Too Fast Eat the Light
Egyptian Lover Egypt, Egypt Egyptian Lover 1983-1988
Lindstrom Closing Shot Windings
A Positive Life Lighten Up! Synaesthetic
Red Martian Cowboy and the Vocoder Retrailing
The Galaxy Electric Temporal Everything is Light and Sound
Milton Marsh Metamorphosis Monism Omnian
Dilated Peoples The Dark Room (ft. Vince Staples) Directors of Photography
Tobacco Gods in Heat Sweatbox Dynasty
Front 242 U-Men Geography reissue
Fujiya & Miyagi Serotonin Rushes EP1
The Pharcyde Passin' Me By (Altered Tapes remix) Savant Garde
Tippa Lee Dub Them with Reality Dub Them with Reality
Shigeto Detroit Part 1 Label Love Vol. 6
Air Sexy Boy (Sex Kino Mix by Beck) MTV Amp2
Kano It's a War It's a War/Ahjia
The Black Dog Virtual Virtual single

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Adam B. plays music that moves you, surveying the world's best rhythms, electronics, and atmospheres from reggae to industrial, remixes to mashups, experimental to indie and everything in between. If it has samplers, turntables, keyboards, backbeats, or production magic, we might just broadcast it. In addition to following what we do and play here, check out our past and future at... http://facebook.com/ultrasoundradio ... http://twitter.com/ultrasoundusa ... http://mixcloud.com/ultrasoundradio ... http://8tracks.com/desperatehours ... http://soundcloud.com/desphrs ... and please send your requests and airplay inquiries to info@ultrasoundradio.us.