Roadrunner on Mon 8/1/16

Artist Title Album New Local
Krill Void s/t EP
Dinosaur Jr Goin Down Give of a Glimpse of What Yer Not
Martha Curly & Raquel Blisters in the Pit of My Heart
Wild at Heart Blind Mirro Demo
Shopping Why Wait Why Choose
Mercury Girls Holly single
Swanning Lily of the Valley Drawing Down the Moon
Tony Molina Nowhere to Go Dissed and Dismissed
PWR BTTM Projection single
Stove Wet Food Is Stupider
Greys Blown Out Outer Heaven
Honey Radar Crybaby Jail Blank Cartoon
Permanent Body I Wear You Out s/t
Vacation Like Snow Non-Person
All People Slow s/t
Screaming Females Sour Grapes Power Move
CE Schneider Topical 3MM Antifree
The Guests Pripega Red Scare '15
Happy Diving Headspell Electric Soul Unity
Summer Cannibals Go Home Full of It
Wild Flag Boom s/t
Weaves Tick s/t
Allison Crutchfield Rose Knows Lean in to It
joyride! Jump Start Bodies of Water
Radiator Hospital Shut Up and Deal Can You Feel My Heart Beating


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