Roadrunner on Mon 8/8/16

Artist Title Album New Local
Defiance, Ohio The Calling The Calling EP
Happy Diving Shed Light Electric Soul Unity
High Dive Anything to Anyone New Teeth
Cende Widow EP
Outer Spaces I Saw You A Shedding Snake
Yoni & Geti Lucky Town Testarossa
The Afterglows Angels in the Sunshine Hotel s/t
The Mountain Goats The Mess Inside All Hail West Texas
Andy Shauf Quite Like You The Party
Busman's Holiday Beach Song Beach Song / LaVaughna
Saintseneca Missing Dogs Last
Jonathan Richman New Kind of Neighborhood Modern Lovers '88
Purple 7 Mainland Jewel Finger
The Cowboys Thumbs Volume 3
Gauche Boom Hazard Get Away with Gauche!
Kitten Forever After Bite Live @ WKDU
Leapling Alabaster Snow Suspended Animation
Told Slant Low Hymnal Going By
Adult Mom Survival Momentary Lapse of Happily
And the Kids Friends Share Lovers Friends Share Lovers
Speedy Ortiz Tiger Tank Major Arcana
Big Thief Masterpiece Masterpiece
Descendents Victim of Me Hypercaffinum Spazzinate
So So Glos Going Out Swinging Kamikaze
Radioactivity Battered Silent Kill
Dinosaur JR Tiny Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not
Krill Solitaire Alam No Hris


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