Post-this Post-that Radio on Thu 8/18/16

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Flying Saucer Attack Sally free and easy Sally free and easy ep Drag City
Low Words
The Julie Ruin I Decide Hit Reset Hardly Art
Butterglory Alexander Bends Rows of Teeth Merge
Doug Gillard Angel X Parade On Nine Mile Records
Bardo Pond JD On the Ellipse ATP
The Dead C One Trouble Ba Da Bing
MX 80 Sound O type VA-Frank Johnson's Favorites Ralph
Sparrow Steeple Domino Mary Richie
Britta Phillips Daydream Luck Of Magic Double Feature
Space Whale Orchestra 1.27pm 09.02.15 Sleepless
Writhing Squares Lava Suite In The Void Above Siltbreeze
Executive Slacks Boring Seams Ruff Dark Entries
Thalia Zedek Band Afloat Eve Thrill Jockey
Thee Oh Sees Plastic Plants A Weird Exits Castle Face
David Kenneth Nance Bound to Complain Lush Bruises Suck Rice and Barley
Trash Telecom South Gritt and Butts Turbulence
Billy Childish Babies Sub Pop
Edith Frost My god insane

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