Snack Time on Fri 11/4/16

Luupy's guest mix from track 3 - 22
I went until 2am to cover for Peter while he was installing the new iMac
FYI - There was a brief power outage during the previous show

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Flybear Lies NightHike Big Beat Records
atu Doubts
Sumthin Sumthin Hiccup
Hati Excuse Me
Bonjr x Null The Fourth Floor
Creepa Mula
Tiber Decisions
Delay Charge (remix cover)
Sam Gelliatry Nah
Luupy Some Say
Hapa x Herzeloyd Encryption
Tsuruda Zac's Demix
Harris Cole Drink in My Cup
Sumthin Sumthin Moonshoes
Tsuruda Where Did All the Shrooms Go?
Milano Sus Slide
Copycatt Survive
Tapecut Muud
Luupy Schitzo
Sumthin Sumthin Reign
Luupy Words
Tsuruda tfw you stand on the dj table
Stelouse Zone (falcxne remix w/ tiber)
Luupy Virtues
Crystal Skies Serenity ft. Abigail Serenity
Orygin Ganesha Daruma 009 Daruma
Tennyson Your Eyes ft. NJOMZA OWSLA
Ye. hpy4u
Octn Forever Daruma 009 Daruma
Nomak Chrystaline Record Record
Kilamanzego what happens when eastern europe and west africa collide?
Sandwiches LISTEN
yorybab Native
Captain Morris I Know Interviewee
bo en my time Pale Machine
Red Martian Cowboy and the Vocoder Retrailing
DJ Shadow The Mountain Will Fall The Mountain Will Fall
Michl Tell Me The Same Michl
Marian Hill Sad Song Act One
DJ Shadow Mambo The Mountain Will Fall
Michl Broken Roots Michl
Anrae Ascension Midiboyz
Taroko Lost in Taipei
Mdynt (Shisto x Autumn Keys) fluid
TRUEYORKER$ (Airwav x J Bell) Searching for Days
Tom Misch Twinkle Twinkle
SPIRALS Saverem's Beat Spirals EP
Blank Banshee B:/ Start Up Blank Banshee 0
Flamingosis Windows 95 n' Chill
Wax Tailor Que Sera
Atu promise ya
Beatmachinearon With You
Toro y Moi Day One Anything in Return
Toro y Moi Blessa Causers of This Carpark
Slow Magic Sorry Safari Triangle
Ta-ku Love Again ft. JSMN x Sango Songs to Make Up To Fool's Gold
Livewire Oh Wonder Oh Wonder
Passion Pit Where the Sky Hangs Kindred Columbia
Musiq Souldchild Just Friends (Sunny) Aijuswanaseing The Island Def Jam Music Group

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